Centralize all critical communications

Keep track of the situation

With Cobalt Messaging, your teams can share live information and insights about events, into one single place. And, all communications are highly secure.

It is easy to give your teams what they need, whenever they need it. And, with instant reporting, you can even keep track of the communications after the incident, which enables you to better understand the decisions that were made.

Communicate with your team

For each incident triggered, and for each patrol started, a channel is created in Cobalt, which immediately brings together all responders.

By going to the Chat tab, and selecting the right channel, your employees will be able to communicate with each other, send each other images and react to each other’s messages.

Send live information about the incident

All conversations are highly secure

Add any participant to ongoing conversations

Channels automatically created when starting a patrol or triggering an incident

Send pictures

React to your colleagues' messages

Create your own channels

Review full conversations in incident and patrol reports