The All-in-One Incident, Security and
Business Continuity Management Solution

Cobalt is a new software as a service (SaaS) platform designed to help you manage everything when the unexpected regrettably happens. Make sure that all your employees or customers are safe when any incident happens. Track every step of an incident or contingency plan. Keep your business running without skipping a beat


Incident Management

Everything you need to plan for incidents and deal with the unpredictable as the events unfold. Be proactive and protect more people, structures and assets with a central incident management command center that will accelerate your recovery, and get you back to business as usual - faster.

It’s not just a way to plan your ideal response - and it’s not just a ticketing platform. It’s a way to manage the ‘What If’ moments, gaps in communication, and keep everyone on-task. That way, the response you plan is the response you get – even when you’re managing tasks across numerous people. Cobalt Incident Management is a complete, comprehensive and compliant platform - the most effective way to coordinate your response, keep track of progress, and handle small and large incidents alike.


Security Management

Cobalt puts you in greater control of your patrol routes and guard behaviours - both room-to-room and outdoors.

Structure your patrol routes from a convenient interface, then equip your security team with an easy to follow waypoint map. Then, use accurate GPS tracking to see where your guards go, whether they’re patrolling inside or outside.

For your security team, it’s a way to improve communication and empower them with better information, multimedia functions, and panic alarms. All while dramatically improving their efficiency as they patrol.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Cobalt gives you clear visibility of your IT infrastructure, its dependencies, and its vulnerabilities. Prepare for what-if scenarios, find critical gaps sooner, close them before they escalate, and get a plan that leads to a faster recovery.

Centralise all DRP and recovery technical procedures into one central tool, enabling you to be better prepared for and manage today’s increasingly complex cyber security threats. As a result, you can demonstrate your safe business environment for due diligence, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and – when an IT incident strikes – get back to business quickly and efficiently.


Business Continuity Management

Build your resilience from a single, centralized hub. You'll get complete visibility and rich automation that frees resource to improve response plans and leads to faster recovery times.

Document-based BCM plans require a big investment of time and money to keep up to date. Our database-driven platform pulls information from your existing systems and integrates with major HR and notification platforms. So every business unit can contribute and your information is always current.

Mobile Application

Give your staff one simple thing to remember in an emergency – an easy to use mobile app. Everything they need in order to properly respond and with confidence, in their hands. The Cobalt mobile application is the smarter way for your staff to access everything they need to take the correct action quickly in response to any business-affecting or critical incident.

You can easily manage all information in the Cobalt Mobile Plans app using a dedicated online management portal. Time-saving features make it simple to get started. Upload your existing business continuity plans or if you don’t have any, just edit our templates to create them.


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