The smarter way for your staff to access response plans and critical information at any time. Prepare and notify your employees with tailored response plans, using a secure application on their mobile device

Instant access to all your response plans

Give your staff one simple thing to remember in an emergency – your company’s incident and business continuity plans at the palm of their hands. Cobalt Starter and the Cobalt Mobile application is the smarter way for your key stakeholder and all employees to access everything they need to take the correct action quickly in response to any crisis or incident.

When an emergency occurs, you don’t have time to waste and you need to make sure that everyone is running on the same action plan. Using the Cobalt Mobile application, employees can easily view any crisis plans and be informed with everything that is relevant to them. All documents are automatically synchornized with the employee’s mobile device and documents can even be viewed without an active data connection. Your incident management team will be sure that everyone have access to the latest crisis plans and that all key stakeholders are ready to respond.

Full control over company information

With Cobalt Starter you can easily manage user access and organize all your incident and business continuity plans, company policies or any other company sensitive documents based on your company structure, incident types or any other way you want to group your documents. All documents can also be remotely be wiped even when a former employee disabled their mobile network.
  • Organize your documents to mirror your existing HR/planning structure.
  • Detailed user and group access management to ensure each person see the right information.
  • Updates to any document will automatically be uploaded to all users.
  • Notify all or selected employees with build-in SMS, Text-to-voice, email or push notification messaging.
  • Keep your documents out of the hands of former employees with remote device wipe functionality.
  • Synchronize contacts with LDAP, Active Directory or your HR systems.

Keep all your employees informed with message notifications

Cobalt Starter enables your ognanization to send messages to all your stakeholders and employees. Choose from different communication channels (SMS, Text to Voice, Email and Push Notifications using the Cobalt Mobile Application). You can create notification templates for any possible scenario and send notifications from our web or mobile application.

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All your incident and business continuity plans securely accessible from the Cobalt Mobile application

Manage document access for groups or selected individuals

Documents are automatically updated on all mobile devices

Plans can be viewed without a network connection (airplane mode or no data connectivity)

Administrator users can force a remote wipe of all company documents



Send secure message notifications to everyone, key stakeholders, groups or selected employees

SMS, Text to Voice, Email and Push Notifications to the Cobalt Mobile application

Save notification templates for faster messaging when incidents occur

Send notifications from the secure Cobalt web application or use the Cobalt Mobile application

Keep a log of all notifications sent with status or reception (when applicable)

“I rely on Cobalt Starter to ensure all my staff know where to get the most up to date information about an incident response”

Business Continuity Manager
Insurance Company - London

“We run a paperless office so providing our staff the Cobalt Mobile Application means we can confidently meet our duty of care obligations. We couldn't do without it”

HR Director
American Technology Distributor

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