Disaster Recovery Planning

Cobalt gives you clear visibility of your IT infrastructure, its dependencies, and its vulnerabilities. Prepare for what-if scenarios, find critical gaps sooner, close them before they escalate, and get a plan that leads to a faster recovery.

Centralise all DRP and recovery technical procedures into one central tool, enabling you to be better prepared for and manage today’s increasingly complex cyber security threats. As a result, you can demonstrate your safe business environment for due diligence, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and – when an IT incident strikes – get back to business quickly and efficiently.

Dashboard view of your IT assets

From network devices to individual components on a system, Cobalt DRP maps your IT environment and the dependencies between different systems. In a single click, you can discover which department is using which server, application, or any IT asset.

Find the gaps in your planning

With a deep understanding of your IT capabilities, gap analysis gives you the intelligence you need to create more effective plans. Run a ‘What If?’ scenario to see the impact of any fault - from a single cable to a vital data centre failure.

Deliver an effective response to any incident

Use our clear workflow interface to build variable responses and allocate tasks in real-time to your responders. Give management visibility of what is happening at all times, using a mobile app which enables them to communicate directly with responders. Speed response time by initiating immediate meetings with a phone bridge, enabling you to coordinate your fix, faster.

Stay in contact with responders, monitor activity, and handle incidents in the palm of your hand


Track and Manage Recovery Time Objectives in Real-Time

During a live incident, track the time responders actually spend on their tasks compared to your established expectations. Use accurate forecasting to understand the impact of RTOs that are not met. Get instant alerts when you’re close to reaching your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and crossing into intolerable data loss. It’s all the intelligence you need to make informed decisions during any IT incidents.


Automated Post-Mortem

Save time with a system generated Post-Mortem report.There’s no need to review notes or go back and ask people what happened during an event. Instead, Cobalt DRP generates and distributes an automatic Post-Mortem that shows you how your enterprise responded, where tasks were completed late, and how this impacted your recovery. This can be both a locked down report for audit purposes or an editable version for adding specific particulars manually.

  • Flexible repository of IT assets
  • Clear views of dependencies, impacts, and support teams
  • Automatic Post-Mortems
  • Track contractual RTOs versus actual RTOs
  • Call all stakeholders to a meeting with automatic Phone Bridge
  • Track performance against RTOs and feed actual
    information back into your planning
  • Effectively manage critical or accepted gaps in your planning
  • Improve information sharing across business functions
  • Build relevant reports with a complete reporting engine
  • Create workflow responses to fluid incidents and make sure your team always know the appropriate action
  • Maintain data quality with integration with IT alerting systems, emergency notification platforms, and HR databases
  • Live time tracking for incident responders so they can see how much time is left to complete an action

Manage your incident from the COBALT Command Center

Retain full visibility over multiple unfolding incidents, so you can make informed decisions that accelerate your recovery.

  • Get complete situational awareness and a clear view of what’s actually happening
  • Bring related communications together in one central interface
  • Manage and prioritise your response, from assigning roles to communicating with staff, responders, and third parties Keep every responder informed with a customised view where they can see the information that matters to them
  • Accessible anywhere - full web and mobile browser access Generate detailed reports – ideal for due diligence and compliance audits

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