Incident Management

Everything you need to plan for incidents and deal with the unpredictable way they change as events unfold. Be proactive and protect more people, structures and assets with a central incident management command center that will accelerate your recovery, and get you back to business as usual - faster.

It’s not just a way to plan your ideal response - and it’s not just a ticketing platform. It’s a way to manage the ‘What If’ moments, gaps in communication, and keep everyone on-task. That way, the response you plan is the response you get – even when you’re managing tasks across numerous people. Cobalt Incident Management is a complete, comprehensive and compliant platform - the most effective way to coordinate your response, keep track of progress, and handle small and large incidents alike.

Create practical plans for incident response

Cobalt Incident Management gives you a modern interface that receives data from enterprise databases, which you can use to create a clear response plan. Tailor language to fit the terminology your business uses, making everything more familiar. Use the clone feature to replicate plans, saving time and resources.

Stay responsive to information from staff

Get a single viewpoint as incidents evolve and unfold. Stay in close contact with responders and track the actions they are taking. So your response is joined-up, auditable, and will bring about a faster resolution.

Incident intelligence, accessible to all

Cobalt Incident Management is intuitive and practical enough that it can be understood by anyone. Whichever stakeholders, leaders, and employees need to keep track of ever-changing incidents, equip them with the information they need to stay prepared and confident.


  • Automatic metadata – date, time, user
    & location
  • Unlimited scenarios/interlocking scenarios
  • Gather information and images from
    first responders direct to the command center
  • Fully customisable scenario builder to design your response workflow
  • Tamper-proof reporting engine
    (chronological or event based)
  • Broad or granular views over multiple incidents
  • Role-based task allocation
  • Integrate with HR/comms to access contacts, incident templates and utilise two-way comms
  • Brand the Command Center as your own, and run on a large screen for incident visibility
  • Clone view & edit for quick creation of similar plans

Prepare for the expected and respond to the unexpected

Cobalt Incident Management is designed to help you plan and manage your response, then maintain effective communications so you can adjust your stance based on unfolding events.


Retain full visibility over multiple unfolding incidents, so you can make informed decisions that accelerate your recovery.

  • Get complete situational awareness
    and a clear view of what’s actually happening
  • Bring related communications together in one central interface
  • Manage and prioritise your response, from assigning roles to communicating with staff, responders, and third parties
  • Keep every responder informed with a customised view where they can see the information that matters to them
  • Accessible anywhere - full web and mobile browser access


Engage your staff and put the guidance they need in the palms of their hands, for a more cohesive - and faster - response.

  • Incident reporting from an easy interface, with guidance on immediate action to be taken
  • Step-by-step guidance so responders can act based on their previous actions or the changing situation
  • Keep track of reported incidents with automatic time, date, location, and user stamps
  • Maintain two-way communication with the command center
  • Get instant alerts when tasks should be completed, and report their completion back to the command center
  • Ensure everyone is engaged with an incident, even when standard comms are unavailable

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