The smarter way for your staff to access response plans and critical information at any time. Prepare and protect your employees with personalised response plans, using a secure app on their mobile device

Give your staff one simple thing to remember in an emergency – an easy to use mobile app. Everything they need in order to properly respond and with confidence, in their hands. The Cobalt mobile application is the smarter way for your staff to access everything they need to take the correct action quickly in response to any business-affecting or critical incident.

Built to improve and evolve your BCM plans

Personalised dashboard offers effective gap analysis, alerting you to overdue plans, gaps in your planning, recovery time objective (RTO) discrepancies, and actual capabilities - leaving you to focus on improving your BCM program.

Make plans available while retaining control

Using the app, staff can easily view plans and contacts – everything that is relevant to them. This reduces uncertainty and gives them the confidence to act fast. The result? Engaged employees and an effective response for your business. It’s easy for employees to get access, they just download the app from the app store or you can send them a link to the login page.

You are in control of the app content

You can easily manage all information in the Cobalt Mobile Plans app using a dedicated online management portal. Time-saving features make it simple to get started. Upload your existing business continuity plans or if you don’t have any, just edit our templates to create them.
  • Organise your documents to mirror your existing HR/planning structure.
  • Drag-and-drop contact management to ensure each person can see the right information.
  • Automatically import your contact data.
  • Updates to your master plans will automatically be available to users.
  • Easily manage joiners and leavers with remote device wipe functionality.
  • Integrates with HR systems for easy synchronisation of staff data.
  • Integrates with emergency notification platforms.

More than secure access to critical documents

With Cobalt mobile application, you can also push notifications to employees and stakeholders, and receive communications from them based on their locations and need for help.


Users can activate a panic alarm on their device

User location is highlighted on a map for the Platform Administrator

Platform Administrator can action and send help


Activate a man-down timer

A push notification is sent for them to acknowledge they are safe

If the notification isn’t accepted, the alarm will be raised


Notify all, or selected contacts through the app

Keep your people updated during events

Send push notifications to prompt users to check their view

“I rely on Mobile Plans to ensure all my staff know where to get the most up to date information about an incident response”

Business Continuity Manager
Insurance Company - London

“We run a paperless office so providing our staff the mobile plans app means we can confidently meet our duty of care obligations. We couldn't do without it”

HR Director
American Technology Distributor

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