Security Management

Cobalt puts you in greater control of your patrol routes and guard behaviours - both room-to-room and outdoors.

Structure your patrol routes from a convenient interface, then equip your security team with an easy to follow waypoint map. Then, use accurate GPS tracking to see where your guards go, whether they’re patrolling inside or outside.

For your security team, it’s a way to improve communication and empower them with better information, multimedia functions, and panic alarms. All while dramatically improving their efficiency as they patrol.

Save time and money on patrol management

Cobalt Security Management makes mapping your routes quick and easy, with an intuitive, visual interface. Reports are automatically created after each patrol using accurate GPS data and extensive historical reports are stored for management and compliance.

Monitor your guards, not just your checkpoints

It’s not just when your security team arrive at each checkpoint that matters, it’s the specific route they took to get there and the time and the time taken to reach each checkpoint.It’s the specific route they took to get there. As well as the time taken to reach each checkpoint, Cobalt Security Management’s convenient automatic reports also show detailed routes and deviations from your planned path.

One technology for indoor and outdoor patrols

Cobalt Security Management uniquely combines both NFC and iBeacon technology in its patrol tags, covering both interior and exterior space. Just use your existing tags or request new tags with your implementation. With the most advanced tracking solution on the market, you’ll get outstanding accuracy wherever your security team needs to go.


  • The first security tracking solution to use iBeacons – the most accurate tracking solution available
  • The first security tracking solution to display actual guard routes including deviations from a planned route
  • Real-time tracking for security guards on patrol
  • Visual online maps for live feeds and reports
  • Unrivalled accuracy using both iBeacon and NFC technology
  • Fix GPS inaccuracies with sophisticated online mapping
  • Plan your patrols in an intuitive visual interface
  • Guard panic button functionality
  • Automatic reporting with email options
  • Customisable fields for guard information including height, weight, qualifications, and equipment
  • Help your guards navigate the route with visual guides on the Cobalt Mobile App

Equip your guards with detailed route plans

For your security team to work at its best - and most efficient - everyone needs to have instant access to accurate information. With the Cobalt Mobile App, you can give your guards a constant Sat Nav-style guide to the route they are supposed to follow. It’s a convenient heads-up display so they can always see the route you have planned for them.

With customisable fields, you can also include a wealth of information on your guards and the equipment they need, all built into the same identifying tag.



The Cobalt Mobile App comes with a wide range of multimedia communication features, designed to keep you in constant contact with your guards. While they’re on patrol, guards can:

  • Take photos and videos of notable problems
  • Upload files to your Control Centre and attach

Crucially, all of this information is added to uneditable reports which can later be reviewed or emailed from the Cobalt system.


For superior guard safety, the Cobalt Mobile App also includes a fast Panic Button system. In the event of an incident that requires emergency support, your guards can hit the Panic Button to raise the alarm and send their exact location to your Security Monitor - wherever in the world they are. As a result, you can launch the necessary response as quickly as possible and before incidents escalate.

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