Automate your response process to cyberattacks with your smart phone

Enjoy the convenience of fast, easy access to Forensik's experts

Cobalt helps you communicate quickly with responders to significantly reduce response time to cyberattacks, in one-click.

As a subscriber to the ReaKtionMC service, you have access to the simplest, and most efficient solution to mobilize your response teams.

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By subscribing to Cobalt as a subscriber to the ReaKtionMC service, a Forensik expert will help you develop, optimize, test and evaluate your response plans to cyberincidents.

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Manage cyberattacks effectively, from your mobile phone

During a cyberincident, all you have to do, is open your Cobalt app, and select the incident.

Forensik‘s expert team will receive alert details right away, as well as guidance and directions to solve the issue.

You’ll then be able to keep up closely with the flow of actions and, when needed, take action following guidance in Cobalt.

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*This offer applies on the Enterprise package (Cobalt) for your first 5 users.
Monthly fees of $24 by user may apply after 90 days.