Our command center helps you plan for and respond to incidents as they unfold

Protect more people and assets with live updates from your team, to get you back in business, faster.

Every incident is unique and one plan won’t fit all situations. Cobalt helps you manage all those “What if?" moments and makes sure everyone is reacting accordingly. The result? The response you plan is the response you get.

Cobalt Incident Response is a comprehensive and automated platform. It provides the simplest and most effective way to coordinate your response team and track progress for incidents, major and minor.

Scenario management, made easy

When an incident occurs, Cobalt users can alert the command center of the problem right from their phone. Cobalt will immediately notify and mobilize all stakeholders. Users can then track response progress directly from the app and take appropriate actions.

Building and planning these response scenarios is easy and intuitive. Using drag-and-drop boxes and templates, it only takes minutes to make a plan. As soon as you save, it is immediately available to users on their phone.

Cobalt empowers response teams to stay on target and resolve the situation as fast as possible. Your company can rest easy knowing that incidents are being handled quickly, easily, and according to plan.

Trigger alerts, events and incidents from mobile app and web

Cobalt Command Center monitors, tracks progress, and visualizes workflow for users

Create fully customizable scenario workflows or playbooks with drag-and-drop role-based task allocation

Build custom questionnaires to gather all event details when they are triggered

Attach files and procedures to tasks that can immediately be viewed on the mobile app

Mass notification templates can be assigned to tasks and triggered manually or automatically

Tamper-proof reporting engine (chronological or event based)