Structure your patrol routes from a convenient interface, then equip your security team with an easy to follow waypoint map and use accurate GPS tracking to see where your guards go.

Cobalt is the best way to improve communication and empower your security team with the right information. It also dramatically increases efficiency as they patrol.

Save time and money on patrol management

Cobalt Tracking makes mapping your routes quick and easy with an intuitive, visual interface. Reports are automatically created after each patrol using accurate GPS data and are stored for management and compliance.

Monitor your team, not just your checkpoints

It’s not when your security team arrives at each checkpoint that matters, it’s how they get there. Cobalt Tacking’s convenient automatic reports show detailed routes and deviations from your planned path.

Guard Tour Management

Live and historical user tracking and monitoring (GPS)

Automated patrol and incident reporting

Volunteer Tour Management

NFC Tags Management capabilities

Take photos and videos of notable problems